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Community Center - Assembly Room

Facility Area Information

500 Cascade Place Building B
Taft, CA 93268
Phone: (661) 763-4246

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Accommodations are available upon request and are subject to availability. If we are unable to provide any accommodations, you will be required to provide them on your own.
  • Accommodates 60 Seated/172 Dance
  • Up to eight 8-foot rectangular tables or six 60-inch round tables available
  • Up to 60 chairs available
  • Touchier Lamps (Up to 8)
  • Coffee Pot (30 Cup)
  • Podium

  • Rentals may be made between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and Midnight depending on availability.
  • Reservations must be made in four-hour blocks.
  • $100 for 4 hours.
  • $100 refundable cleaning/damage deposit.
  • Facility Staff is required for parties that serve alcohol. The fee is $50 per hour from the time the event starts until the time the event ends.
  • The Kitchen may be added for $25 per 4 hour block - dependent upon availability.

We understand that sometimes life happens.  If you need to cancel your registration or reservation, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can best serve you. 
Cancellations that occur less than 2 weeks prior to the reservation date will be assessed 1/3 of the fees paid. In the event of a no-show of any reservation, the District will retain all of the fees to cover the necessary costs for room set-up and breakdown. Reservations may not be transferred, assigned or sublet.

Usage must be within the allotted reservation time.  Reservation times/schedule and fees include all preparation and set-up time as well as clean-up time.  Additional time for set-up and/or clean-up may be arranged, if schedule permits, at an additional fee. All guests must vacate the facility by the designated time that the reservation is scheduled to end. Should guests not vacate by the end of the reservation, it will be considered a violation of this agreement and is subject to forfeiture of deposit(s). In addition, a fee of $50 per hour will be assessed until facility is vacated by all guests.

Access is limited to the rooms that are reserved for your event only. Please be sure that no guests are entering other rooms or areas that you did not specifically reserve. Kitchen access is only granted when reserved.

No one is allowed in the planters (flower beds) at the Community Center. Please keep everyone out of the planters to prevent injuries. Any plants, flowers, etc. damaged during reservations are subject to forfeiture of deposit.

Groups composed of minors must be supervised by one adult for each ten (10) minors at all times while using facilities. The reservation must be made by an adult that will be supervising the event. A responsible representative of the group, age 18 or oder, must be present during the opening and closing of the facility.


The facility should be left in the manner in which you found it. The floors should simply be mopped with HOT WATER to remove any stickiness or other debris.  Staff will show you where to find a mop, broom and other supplies.  Trash cans should be emptied and trash should be taken to the outdoor receptacles.  Clean-up time is at individual discretion, however, please be sure to allow sufficient time to clean properly. Should clean-up not be completed by the end of the reservation, it will be considered a violation of this agreement and is subject to forfeiture of deposit.  Should a reservation be scheduled ahead of time to return the following day for clean-up, everything will be left as is at the end of the reservation, and the customer may return the following day at the scheduled reservation time. Time may be extended by the District Administrator for special activities, but a request for extension must be made, in writing, before or at the time of making the reservation.

Facilities and equipment are to be left in the same conditions as they were prior to the reservation. Any damages to the grounds, facility and/or equipment are the responsibility of the person named on the reservation. This includes any decorations that may cause damage to the facility. Please be sure to keep your guests contained as best as possible.  Damages to premises are subject to forfeiture of deposit(s). Groups or persons using a facility are responsible to pay for any damage to or loss of District property. A fee equal to total replacement cost will be charged.


Alcohol being sold requires the proper permit from ABC (State Department of Alcohol Beverage Control).  It is your responsibility to ensure that no one under the age of 21 is consuming alcohol.  Should this occur, the responsible person(s) will be notified by Facility Staff immediately and corrective action will be taken. If corrective action is not taken, Taft Police Department will be notified immediately and the event will be shut down.  Additionally, the party named on the reservation, as well as any other guests identified condoning or engaging in underage drinking, will be subject to action taken by the Taft Police Department. Facility Staff will be on site to ensure the facilities are kept in an orderly fashion and responsibilities met.

Facility Staff will be provided at an additional fee (see fee structure above) for reservations serving alcohol. To ensure the safety of the guests as well as our staff, it is necessary to have Facility Staff at all events serving alcohol (whether sold or served) until one hour after the event has ended.  In the event that parties do run over or guests are slow to exit, this will ensure that our staff is not left alone with potentially belligerent guests. Facility Staff shall protect and maintain the facility and property of WSRPD, as well as enforce all site regulations, directives and policies. Facility Staff will promptly contact Taft Police Department for assistance, where any incident calls for such intervention. Should this occur the event will be shut down immediately, and the party named on the reservation will forfeit any deposit that has been paid.