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Franklin Field Recreation Complex - Pavilion 2

Pavilion 2 Franklin Field

Facility Area Information

281 E. Cedar Street
Taft, CA 93268

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  • Located closest to the pumping unit and horseshoe pits.
  • Water slides and bounce houses are permitted.
  • Water spicket is located in the ground near the cement pad to the southwest of the pavilion.
  • Twelve 8-foot tables.
  • One BBQ Pit – 32”x32”
  • 3 Horseshoe Pits.
  • The pavilion is equipped with electrical outlets and lighting.

  • $60 for 4 hours.
  • Reservations must be made in four-hour blocks.

  • Vehicles: No motor vehicles are allowed inside the parks, on the fields, or on any driveways leading to the parks or fields.
  • Trash: Customer must clean up pavilion after use. Place all trash into trash receptacles. If you feel your event will need addition trash services, you must provide it.
  • Reservation Time: Reservation is scheduled for the time block you have reserved. Set up and clean up must occur during this time. The facility will not be accessible to you outside of your reservation time.
  • Issues: If you have any issues with other people at your site, contact law enforcement. Kern County Sheriff Department (661)391-7500.